Signature Papers In!

Thank you to all those who signed my nomination papers. On June 24th, I received notice that our team of volunteers had submitted more than enough signatures to qualify me for the September preliminary election ballot. It was a beautiful weekend and we couldn’t have done it without you–(both signature gatherers and the signers)!

2 thoughts on “Signature Papers In!”

  1. Hello Victor,
    My name is Keith O’Sullivan and I’d like to wish you luck in the coming election. I grew up in Quincy and Weymouth, and recently purchased a home with my fiance in East Weymouth. My biggest concern regarding Weymouth is it’s vision for our future. When I look at the so called “progress “, of Quincy, I feel sad for Quincy and it’s residents. It’s leaders have transformed it to a place we did not want to settle in. The apartments and condos every where have made it just “another city”. What a shame. I don’t want to see Weymouth go in that direction. Let’s aspire to be more Hingham, less Quincy. I like that you have a vision for our route 3A corridor. It could be special. Let’s get something done with our waterfront too. The nameless crime ridden hotel has to go. Braintree found a way to keep it’s community safer by getting rid of their problem hotel. Again, good luck. I’m looking forward to the vote.
    Keith O’Sullivan

    1. Keith, thanks for the note. Hope to see you at the polls and look forward to helping improve our area–I couldn’t agree more with you. Best, Victor

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