The view from atop Great Hill, North Weymouth

Victor grew up on Great Hill Drive

A first-generation American, Victor was born to parents of Brazilian and Hungarian descent, who settled In North Weymouth during the 1970s. Along with two younger sisters, he attended Sacred Heart Elementary and Weymouth Public Schools, graduating from Weymouth High School (the current Chapman building) before attending Suffolk University in Boston.

Career and Experience

After working as a legislative aide upon graduation, Victor entered the world of banking and then non-profit management prior to his election as Weymouth’s third District 1 Councilor in its history as city government. He served from 2007 to 2012, stepping down when a heavy travel schedule and the birth of their fourth child prevented him from giving 110% to the District Council seat. A successful entrepreneur, Victor founded a small digital marketing and web design company, Little Flower Strategies, in 2013. The company saw the most profitable year in its short history in 2018.

Victor Pap’s additional municipal experience includes:

  • Chair of the Town Council Economic Development Committee
  • Vice-Chair of the Town Council Education Committee
  • Commissioner on the Weymouth Housing Authority
  • Community Preservation Committee Member
  • Weymouth’s Delegate to the Norfolk County Advisory Board (Appointed by Mayor Bob Hedlund).

The Family

What happens when two young aides meet at the State House? Anything but romance. Mary refused to date a co-worker when the two worked on Beacon Hill so Victor quit his job and the rest is history. They now have six children (3 boys and 3 girls) ages 3-13. “Little” Victor often marches in Weymouth’s parades while Julius can typically be found striking out a batter at O’Sullivan Park in the Weymouth Youth Baseball League or scoring a goal on Lovell Field.

Our Community

With a bustling business and large family, it’s not always easy to find time for community involvement. But Victor Pap always does. As a former Assistant Den Leader for North Weymouth’s Cub Scouts Pack 303, Victor’s community involvement spans scouting, sports, and civics including service as a:

  • North Weymouth Civic Association Board Member
  • St. Jerome School Committee Member
  • St. Jerome Parish Council Member
  • 5-Year Youth Basketball Coach for the Immaculate Conception League
  • 3-Year Weymouth Youth Baseball Coach
  • Member of the Knights of Columbus, Council #729