Thank You!

When the tallies came in, our campaign arrived just short of victory by 156 votes out of 2,008 cast. Despite the outcome, our team of volunteers, friends, family, and neighbors showed enormous heart and the race we ran was one of which we will remain extremely proud. A big, heartfelt thank you to all those who let us put up a lawn sign, displayed a bumper sticker, and–most importantly–cast their ballot.

Our Vision for North Weymouth

As a lifelong resident of North Weymouth, I share the perspective that we live in a community that is truly unique. With its proximity to a major metropolitan hub, public beaches and parks, and vibrant neighborhood life, North Weymouth is a gem on the South Shore.

But we can and should do better for our kids and grandkids.

As your candidate for District 1 Councilor, I pledge to work on behalf of all our residents in my advocacy for a better North Weymouth. As your next District 1 Councilor, I’ll maintain an “online office” and update this website with additional information on my platform, discussion around the issues, and meetings, public events, and office hours.

L-R: “Little” Victor (11), Isabela (13), “The Illustrious” Mrs. Pap (ageless), Victor, Philomena (3), Eloisa (7), Philip-Andre (5), and Julius (9)

Learn More About Victor (and his kids)

Check out the “About Victor” section to learn more about Victor Pap.